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Welcome to Work at Home Alberta your guide to work from home jobs in the province of Alberta. Our team has researched,


tested and decided what the best home jobs available to Albertains are and invite you to try them yourself. It is our mission to


help you find the best and most trusted work from home jobs to ensure success and peace of mind.


We ask that you choose an opportunity that fits your skillset and current situation, picking the right WFH job is an extremely


important part of the process. At we supply you with the information needed to make this important


decision. Review the job opportunities below and find what fits you, it is time, to make a positive change in your life.



We will be choosing 2 opportunites on a monthly basis that we feel offer the best results and have been tested by our staff.


Staff Picks for May 2017:



1 - Slogan Writer - If you feel you have the creativity and writing skills required this is a great opportunity for extra income, please visit them Here.


2 - Take Surveys for Cash - Out testers have had great returns with this particular program and rank it as the best "Paid Survey" job currently in Canada. Please visit them here.




About Our Company finds, reviews and shares the best work from home opportunities available to Alberta. We strive to find only the most trusted and reputable employers to ensure your experience is postive, beneficial and lucrative. Please be advised that Work at Home Alberta works on your behalf, we take the guesswork out of jobs from home. Our team of work from home experts test all our opportunites to ensure you are working with the most reputable work from home companies in Canada. If you feel it is time to try something new, increase your income or become completely independant then please be rest assured you have to depend on for the most trusted and effective work at home opportunities.

Advantages of Working from Home

No longer rely on others, rely on yourself!

No more long drives into work, you're already at work!

Work as much or as little as you wish, be your own boss!

Take control, be in charge!

Work from Home Tips:

- Always dress for not work from home in your pajamas. Dress like you are going to work!

- Ensure you have a goal. Either a money goal, time goal or task driven goal. Start your day with a clear work at home goal in mind.

- Make absolutely sure your friends and family understand your work schedule, when you are working they should leave you alone...create boundries!

- Make sure you have a good computer, chair, working space. Be comfortable and productive.

- Be strict with your start times, breaks, lunch and end time. Try to mirror an actual work day.

- Warning!! Stay out of the kitchen...the work from home 15 pounds is a well known condition. Be aware.

- Exercise. Make sure to use your breaks wisely, a brisk walk can work wonders even if it is only 15 min.

- Plan time off. Make sure to take holidays, vacations days and certainly weekends. You need some me time and it is healthy.

- Do not use your work day to do housework. Stick to your task and goals.

- Get up at a decent time and get moving on your work day. This is the new you, embrace it.

- Above all, have fun and enjoy your life.





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